For My Mother – The First Whisperer of Love

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Ye done cheshm


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زمان زمان عاصي زمان سركش چون باد مي گذرد چون هردودي وهم انگيز همچون گذري بي اعتنا به آنچه مي بايد و چنان كه چون ابري بي بارشي بر بيابان زمان ياغي زمان ظالم مي گذرد به شقاوت، و مي فرسايد هر انچه بدان دلي بسته بود و ديروز مي كند و پريروز هر آنچه فردايي بود 12اكتبر2002



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خاطره من اينجايم جسمم  بدنم مي بينم مي شنوم مي چشم اينجا را مي بويم و حس مي كنم، زنده ام اما تنها زنده زنده در كالبد بي روح روحي كه مانده بر جا چون خاطره اي زنده در جايي كه تعلق را معني به آن مي كند خاطره ام خيره است به من مني كه ديگر نيستم ونقطه چيني كه هنوز در پي خاطره ام… 19 آگوست 2003


My Camel

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  MY CAMEL   They came to my land Claiming to LIBERATE me   They killed my friends Claiming to RESCUE me   I saw all and did not say a word I did not feel FREE May be I was not born to be FREE or was I? Who knows what it means to be FREE? Except for my ever born free CAMEL I ran to find my CAMEL…


Protected: Chapter 5- Fear Starts

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Chapter 4- Fearful or Fearless?

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  Reflecting back on those days, was I really fearless to leave a job like that? Walking away and taking my dignity with me to store it somewhere safe? There was some fearlessness factor in it, no doubt. No one could dismiss my story as a mere act of show off or even connect it with female affliction of exaggeration of reality to disproportionate sizes of magnitude. Even in a…


Chapter 3 – The Foundation

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And how come I was chosen to be trained as a fearless leader? There were 35000 employees in the huge corporation back in 2013 . I was new and fresh and I can say somehow inexperienced in the eye of XYz’s company culture. When I was a child,  back in Iran where I was born , my grandfather owned a big garden. In Farsi we call this big garden , a  Bagh. His…


Chapter 1- Pandora’s Box

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I reverted back to a fear-based life, on a hot summer day in 2015 when I was sweating profusely . I remember the precise moment, walking back and forth in the living room of my house like a clock pendulum, peeking into the lush greenery of the slope in our back yard.As the conversation intensified, it felt like the pendulum was out of balance as I was going so much…