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Category : English Poems


Forced Silence

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Forced Silence It is almost 24 hours that I have not spoken… 24 hours that my mouth has been shout… It is not that I don’t want to talk…. As they say in French, au contraire, I am dying to talk.. To hear my own voice.. To sense how my brain puts the words together and articulates my thoughts.. Ah, it feels so amazing to talk… But it’s juts I have no…


Mama’s Day

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Mama’s Day   It is a beautiful day Mamas are being cherished Flowers, breakfast in bed, spa appointments, handwritten notes Little kids, kind dads.. they all find a way to express their love to that mama in their lives On this beautiful day Let’s take a moment and think about mamas whose kids can not be with them Distance, work, profession, forgetfulness All the realities of this life Let’s see…


My Camel

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  MY CAMEL   They came to my land Claiming to LIBERATE me   They killed my friends Claiming to RESCUE me   I saw all and did not say a word I did not feel FREE May be I was not born to be FREE or was I? Who knows what it means to be FREE? Except for my ever born free CAMEL I ran to find my CAMEL…