Ignorance = Bliss @ Childbirth

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Reading this article about possible injuries at the time of natural delivery made me pause. Pause and lift my shirt to see the scar left of my c-sections. My tummy is big enough to hide the scar while I am sitting. It is not bad a scar by any means. It is mostly emotional rather than physical. The emotional struggle I went through at the time of childbirth. After 36 hours of unmedicated labor, baby Ava had no intention of gracing us with her arrival.

When Dr told me that I need to have a c-section to get this baby out safe, I started crying. Two days in labor, starving, needle, pain, and frustration did not make me cry. But c-section made me cry.

Was it cutting me open that made me cry?

Being cut open was not a fun image. But at that moment what made me cry was DEFEAT. I was on this quest to have a natural child birth at any rate and it was not happening. Everyone had loaded me with stories of how great they felt after their natural vagina delivery. They told me how they could even do laundry the next day after baby was born!

It was giving up hope on having a similar experience and having a speedy recovery that made me cry. Little did I know that the surgical operation will turn out far more hard to recover than I had imagined.

Reading this article made me think of how certain natural child births can even be a worse experience than being cut open. At least the open belly gives you, the Doctor, and the whole world a chance to know how to treat you. With these injuries mentioned in this article, I am not sure if the mama would receive the right treatment needed.

In general mind the rule of childbirth is very cut throat. Natural birth is synonymous to natural cycle of life and rapid recovery. C- section delivery is a major surgery and you are expected and required to stay in bed and not do certain things until your body is healed. That healing part takes a long, long time or at least that was my experience.

Reading this article made me feel better about my scars. Would it have made me feel better, had I known all these back then? Probably not. I would have been paralysed with fear of all these possible tears and strains!

Ignorance is a bliss in certain areas.

That does not sound like a brainy quote but life is not always easier for brainy ones.


Among the women in a study “one-quarter of them showed fluid in the pubic bone marrow or sustained fractures similar to a sports-related stress fracture, and two-thirds showed excess fluid in the muscle, which indicates injury similar to a severe muscle strain.”

Source: Childbirth As An Extreme Sport — And Why Its Injuries Can Take So Long To Heal | CommonHealth


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