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November 2015

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Unplug and Connect

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One fine day, I resorted to Tikkun Spa to restore the calm and balance in my head. My companion in this journey was a copy of Golden Nuggets book by Osho Rajneesh. A copy that is couple centuries old yet its content is always refreshing to read. Frankly, that book has always a fresh perspective for me no matter how many times I have read that book in my life….

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Are We Ever Ready?

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This goes back to the year 2004 and my observation back then. We have all changed a lot and some of us have kids but I wanted to still share this. May be revisiting some of these questions and emotions evokes different responses now! Ok, here is a new shocking trend that I am seeing in my generation. The generation I am specifically referring to are the girls and guys…

Farbod 2


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A man for all seasons With golden heart And clear mind Who is always there to help Weather you ask for it or not   Let us make him shine By showering him with love On this very special day As we love him And it is his very own birthday! 🙂 Happy Birthday to DadBod Farbod!                  


Neurosurgeon, where art thou?

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Selflessness is the word I am looking for. That is the word that comes to my mind when I think of my dad. Baba,  the person that has been there for me with an open mind and a kind heart. He has done things for me that I can say with certainty not many dads have done in their entire lives for their kids. Commitment to My Learning Languages When I…


Silent Thief – Part 2

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Osteoporosis is known as “silent thief” as bone loss occurs with no apparent symptoms. The bones which are living tissues constantly break down and replace. When the creation of new bone does not keep up with the removal of old bone is when Osteoporosis begins. Body does not signal us and let us know that this is happening. I learned from my Grandmother Orthopedic Doctor that she had severe Osteoporosis….


Silent Thief – Part 1

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My parents and my grandmother were next door neighbors. I called my Grandmother: “Maman Tehrani” since she lived in Tehran and at one point in life, going to Tehran meant going to her house. She had Diabetes Type II. Although it was genetics, her pouring jam into anything even plain yogurt could have played a role in it. 7 years ago when I went home, she took about 200 steps to…


A Thousand Words –  یک هزار حرف

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Wow! Eyes that click and exchange of a look. It feels shy. It looks shy. But there’s a thousand words that get exchanged within a matter of seconds and they are not shy. Thousands words that turn into a search… Beautifully done with great music. Enjoy! Source: IranWire | یک هزار حرف


Why Can’t Girls be President One Time?

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Will this note be historical at one point? This is from last year but the recent election happenings made me think about it.

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Topless Jihad

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Years and years ago I was exposed to an idea from clergymen: ” In western world, women are used as commodities. Their scantily clad bodies are used in commercials and billboards. Westerners are treating women as objects. This is degrading. Women have much more to offer than their bodies and the prospective of sex.” By the same virtue, the idea stated that Islam wants women to cover themselves. This way they are…

Baby Carriers: Messengers of Love to Refugees

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Years ago when I had my little girl, I was introduced to the world of baby carriers. When you have a baby and you need to be mobile, carrying that baby is the only option. You need to carry that little bundle of joy close to your heart. But your hands get tired, your back starts aching, your neck bothers you, and the list goes on. Now, if magically you…